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DigDat Has a New Home! – This site will remain functional during the transition, but by the end of Feb 2015 (I Hope) everything here will be available on the new site (as well as much new material) … better organized, more accessible and easier to use. VISIT: http://digdat.ajmorris.com/ and try out the new site! If you are a member here you will need to log-in again as it is functionally a completely separate site, but your same username and password should work there, if not use the contact form to let me know.

About DIGdat – Research/Studies – Partners/Contributors

Welcome to DIGdat, your source for

Scarce Irish Genealogical Resources

We offer a wide variety of material in various formats. Some of our information is free, and the rest is available for purchase, or by ‘pay-for-view’ subscription.

What we have available for you

We have

over 10,000 pages of Irish genealogy texts extracted from a wide variety of sources including birth, baptism, marriage and death records from church and civil sources, land records, will and probate indexes, census records, ship lists and much more …
more than 11,000 scanned page images from our Irish genealogy CDs and other resources
dozens of maps, including many Irish Surname Distributions
many articles on Irish history and culture
how-to articles targeting Irish research methods and resources
All these are available now, with additional material being added every month. Most of this material is derived from scarce old publications, or has been extracted from Irish archival sources.

Click on any of the links at the top of this page for detailed information on what is available

The Data link leads to material available for purchase or to paid subscribers, but you can freely view the descriptive listings.
The Free Members section has information available to free members, but anyone can view the table of contents.
In the Reviews section you will find our Irish Media Review, which has information on books, movies and music of Irish interest, and is accessible by all.
Our Catalog lists eBooks, available for purchase, as well as some of the resources accessible by DigDat subscription.
How to get the information you want

For information in the ‘Free Members’ section, you can gain access simply by joining DIGdat — it’s FREE.

Publications listed in our ‘Catalog’ are available for purchase, and you will also find many of these resources available in the ‘Data’ section.

Custom research reports for surname distributions, text file searches, and just general genealogical research, are available, and may be purchased for cash or using DigDat credits.

The ‘Data’ section has all of the content from our CDs as well as information from several other sources. Click on the specific page link in any of the descriptive listings to see your options.

OR you can become a paid subscriber for just $7.95 a month, and view up to 60 pages and files each month! For $12.95 per month you get twice as many page views. We also have annual plans so you can save even more. PLUS all subscribers earn DigDat Points, good toward custom research reports.