Things to Consider When Applying for Education Loan

Education is undoubtedly expensive particularly tertiary education and graduate studies especially if you and your family couldn’t save enough for it but just like with other challenges that we face every day, there is also a solution for this obstacle and the most common solutions Singaporeans see is through applying for an education loan.

4 Considerations before Applying for Education Loan

Although education loan seems very promising for those who can’t afford to finance their studies, there are still some considerations a student should think carefully before leaping on it.

1.    Educate yourself

An education loan is a significant responsibility for a student where you are going to repay the many loan years after you finish your schooling; hence you have to make sure that you can get all the information you needed before applying for an education loan.

For first borrowers, it is a bit complicated for them to grasp everything about loans especially education loans which is more complicated compared to another type of loans such as the personal loan, car loan, and mortgage loan.

The most important information you should ask the lenders is their repayment terms and interest rates. You should know about the information of these two so that you can easily compute whether you can afford the education loan repayment.

2.    Do the research

Since education loan has been popular in Singapore, there are already a lot of banks and licensed moneylenders who offer this type of loan hence you have to make sure that you can find the best lender in the country.

Different lenders have different repayment terms and interest rates. Therefore, you have to check all the lenders you can find in the area and find which one has the best offers and services.

3.    Know the whole costs

Aside from the repayment terms and interest rates, there are also some factors that would affect your monthly repayments such as the prepayment fees and other additional processing fees.

When computing your monthly repayment, you should also include these fees do you won’t cut short on your monthly budget. You may ask the lender as well a breakdown of the fees and other charges you have to pay from your loan.

Huge monthly repayments are one of the problems borrowers face after getting an education loan that they can’t afford that is why it is essential that you should check first the total cost of your loan and determine whether you can afford the loan amount and if you can cope up with its repayment method.

4.    Find other better alternatives

If you wanted to save money and maximize the resources available in your surroundings, you could find better options such as looking for schools with lesser tuition fees or enrolling in an online diploma which is cheaper compared to taking courses in the school’s premises.

You can also be resourceful in many ways like joining internships and volunteer works where you can acquire the skills needed for the job you wanted without going back to school.

Repaying an education loan will take several years for you to finish all the repayment thus making sure that you have made the right decision is crucial before jumping right away on a big responsibility.

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